Gallery script for photos, pictures and images

Photo Gallery Script is the only image platform that can truly give you the opportunity for managing your photos in a professional manner. Other picture scripts create platforms that look and work the same. Photo Gallery Script's simple design lets you highlight your unique theme. We've gone to great lengths to make customizations easier. Our script comes with a great experience and is the best recipe for having your own successful picture gallery.

What is Photo Gallery Script?

Photo Gallery Script is a complete image gallery solution that lets you collect, organize and share your photos. You can upload and access your images at any time from any computer with an Internet connection. Our script sets the bar when it comes to photo gallery software, and no other competitor offers as many features as you'll find in Photo Gallery Script. It is the premium picture gallery solution used by hundreds of people just like you to share and show off their images to the world. Features include bulk picture uploading, comments, tags, powerful search, multiple user accounts, unlimited photos, unlimited galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, sorting, gallery statistics and user registration.


I'm impressed! The new features of your script are superb! Really impressed by your constant updates - my congratulations to you and the team for such a great product.

Tom Person

The software you wrote is amazing. It saved me a lot of headaches and time. I needed something that would work quickly, will look great on a variety of browsers and computers, and with minimal chance for error and you did it. I consider it 110% success. Thanks!

Mark Timberg

I found the script to be very easy to install and configure. I love the option that you can add multiple photos at the same time. Also the administration interface is pretty straightforward and powerful. The templates are pretty easy to modify, and I was very happy with the possibility of exchanging templates and colors. Keep up the good work!

Andrew Grand